Stable net sales growth for the Group excluding exchange rate differences

Net intake was 211,000 (269,000), of which mobile 313,000 (375,000) in the quarter. Net sales amounted to SEK 7,298 (7,433) million corresponding to a growth excluding exchange rate difference of 0.2 percent. EBITDA in Q1 2013 amounted to SEK 1,488 (1,506) million, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 20 (20) percent.

Announcement and closing of the sale of Tele2 Russia

In Q1 2013, Tele2 AB announced its sale of Tele2 Russia to VTB Group in a cash transaction comprising USD 2.4 billion (approximately SEK 15.6 billion) in equity value and USD 1.15 billion (approximately SEK 7.5 billion) in net debt, equivalent to an EBITDA multiple of 4.9 based on FY 2012 results. The transaction was successfully completed on the 4 April, 2013.

Stable margin development in Tele2 Sweden

Mobile net sales in Sweden grew by 2.4 percent, as customer demand for smartphones and data services persisted throughout Q1 2013. The mobile EBITDA contribution in the quarter was SEK 732 (656) million due to increasing demand for high-end smartphones and continued migration from prepaid to postpaid services, resulting in higher subsidies.

Good progress in network roll-out for Tele2 Norway

Tele2 Norway performed according to plan during the quarter, focusing on rolling out the country’s third mobile network, which now reaches approximately 70 percent of the population.

Significant progress within mobile for Tele2 Netherlands

Tele2 Netherlands continued its marketing push within the mobile segment, accelerating its customer intake to 57,000 (13,000) customers and taking the total mobile customer base to 535,000. In the quarter, Tele2 Netherlands started the preparatory work to become an MNO, including procurement processes.

Improved operational progress in Tele2 Kazakhstan

Tele2 Kazakhstan continued to expand its market share and added 252,000 (332,000) new customers in the quarter. The total customer base amounted to 3.7 (1.7) million. Thanks to improved operational scale, EBITDA losses diminished to SEK -45 (-97) million.

The Board of Directors proposed a dividend amounting to SEK 7.10 for 2012 and a mandatory redemption program of SEK 28.00 following the completion of the sale of Tele2 Russia

The Board of Tele2 AB decided to recommend an increase in its ordinary dividend of 9 percent to SEK 7.10 (6.50) per share in respect of the financial year 2012. Following the completion of the sale of Tele2 Russia, the Board of Tele2 AB also proposes to distribute SEK 12.5 billion, equivalent to SEK 28.00 per share, to shareholders through a mandatory redemption of shares.