Group net sales growth of 9 percent

Net sales growth for the group amounted to 9 percent excluding exchange rate differences. Net sales amounted to SEK 10,906 (10,429) million corresponding to a growth excluding exchange rate difference of 9 percent in the quarter. EBITDA in Q3 2012 amounted to SEK 3,002 (2,986) million, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 28 (29) percent.

Strong customer intake in market area Russia

In Q3 2012, Tele2 Russia added 710,000 (681,000) customers resulting in a total customer base of 22.3 (20.4) million. EBITDA amounted to SEK 1,239 (1,214) million, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 38 (40) percent.

Sustained mobile revenue growth in market area Nordic

Mobile revenue in Sweden grew by 4 percent, as customer demand for smartphones and data services increased further during the quarter. The mobile EBITDA contribution in the quarter reached a record high of SEK 828 (799) million due to increased usage and improved cost efficiency. Tele2 Norway performed well during the quarter, as its network capabilities improved, leading to robust EBITDA margin development despite lowered interconnect rate from the 1st of July.

Significant operational progress in market area Central Europe & Eurasia

During the quarter, Tele2 Kazakhstan continued to expand its market share and added 589,000 (459,000) new customers in the quarter. The total customer base amounted to 3.1 (1.1) million. The Baltic countries drove further cost cutting in the quarter, to maintain a firm EBITDA margin development despite tough competitive pressure.

Robust margin development in market area Western Europe

Tele2 Netherlands maintained stable EBITDA margin compared to same period last year, in spite of a strong marketing push within the mobile segment. Both Tele2 Austria and Tele2 Germany continued their steady operational development thanks to a combination of innovative product offers and tight cost control.