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Net sales up by 8 percent

In Q4 2011, Tele2’s net sales amounted to SEK 10,839 (10,109) million, corresponding to a growth excluding exchange rate difference of 8 percent in the quarter. EBITDA amounted to SEK 2,791 (2,488) million, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 26 (25) percent.

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Offering the Best Deal is our business

Today’s results show the strength of Tele2. The quarter also confirmed the momentum of Tele2’s growth during 2011 with the completion of acquisitions in Norway (Network Norway), and in Austria (Silver Server). The rapid change in the landscape of telecoms offers new opportunities and challenges, with our top priority remaining the same; to offer its customers what they need for less.

Continued progress across our footprint

  • Strong EBITDA contribution in market area Russia, with Tele2 Russia adding another 250,000 (755 000) customers in Q4 2011. EBITDA amounted to SEK 1,209 (899) million, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 40 (34) percent.
  • Mobile revenue in Sweden grew by 7 percent, as customer demand for smartphones and data services remained strong during the quarter.
  • During the quarter, Tele2 Kazakhstan continued its successful launch of new regions, resulting in a customer intake of 249,000 (114,000). The total customer base amounted to 1,371,000 (332,000).
  • Tele2 Netherlands expanded its fixed broadband margin further to 36 (29) percent thanks to further scale benefits from the BBned acquisition. In the quarter, Tele2 Austria announced the acquisition of internet service provider Silver Server.

Proposed increase of dividend by 8 percent

The Board of Tele2 AB decided to recommend an increase in the ordinary dividend of 8 percent to SEK 6.50 (6.00) per share in respect of the financial year 2011. The Board also decided to recommend an extraordinary dividend of SEK 6.50 (21.00).