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Laying the foundation

Communication is fundamental in our society and plays an important role in people’s lives all over the world. Communication is also the core of Tele2’s operations. In order to offer our customers the Best Deal at all times, it is essential for Tele2 to build sound, sustainable relationships. In 2010, we adopted a new program for our responsibility work.


A dedicated work

“To uphold our competitive edge and always offer the Best Deal, we need to continue listening to our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. They have put forward their requests for us to increase our sustainability efforts and to continuously communicate our progress. In response, I am proud to …”

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Engaging our stakeholders

By including stakeholders in our work with responsibility helps us to verify and prioritize among focus areas.

GRI reporting

Tele2 reports for the first time according to the Global Reporting Initiative G3 (GRI) guidelines.